Meet Tara

Meet Tara

Tara Dowdell is a highly accomplished business and political strategist.  She is the Founder and Principal of the Tara Dowdell Group, a marketing and strategic consulting firm.  Propelled by her work ethic, passion, and extensive network of contacts, the Tara Dowdell Group has cultivated an impressive list of clients ranging from real estate developers to healthcare companies.

In addition to her consulting practice, Tara is a respected television commentator and speaker.  She appears regularly on MSNBC, Fox Business Network  and Al Jazeera America where she provides progressive insight and analysis on a range of political, government, and business topics.  She can also be seen on Fox 5’s Good Day New York and Fox 5 News at 5pm.  Tara’s proven expertise, unique insight and engaging style have also made her a sought-after speaker.  She has addressed several major conferences and organizations such as the NYU Stern Women in Business Conference, the Rutgers University Student Leadership Conference, the National Urban League Conference  and the Center for American Women in Politics Ready to Run Conference to name a few.

Giving Back

"To whom much is given, much is expected" - Luke 12:48

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"Being realistic is the mos commonly traveled road to mediocrity" - Will Smith