”The Tara Dowdell group is a strategic
Consulting and marketing firm driven by
passion for helping socially-conscious
business and organizations grow.“


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Strategy Consulting

We work very closely with our clients to assist them in identifying opportunities.  Once we have identified these opportunities, we work with them to ensure that they are positioned to capitalize.  Most often, this involves creating a focused and tailored strategic marketing plan for them.

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We assist our clients in building compelling and recognizable brands through the development of focused and distinctive marketing materials.  We ensure that their websites, brochures, and social media platforms all effectively showcase the value of their services, programs or products.Read More

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Staff Development Training

We offer an array of focused staff development workshops and training sessions including: media training, corporate strategy retreats, social media training, brand development and relationship building workshops.

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Public Relations

We raise the profiles and enhance the credibility of our clients through a full suite of PR and communication services ranging from creating press kits, press releases and media advisories to the facilitation of television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and/or blog interviews.